Winston Churchill’s Land Rover Series I

Even if the awaited the Royal Wedding has just passed, the hype for  Britishness and royalty will take some time to die out.  If you’re one to appreciate British culture and history, then visiting this piece will be a treat indeed.

After going under special care and restoration by Emil Frey Classics in Switzerland, Winston Churchill’s own Land Rover Series I was auctioned in 2012, and now lives inside Frey’s Classic Center in Safenwil.

The restoration and refurbishment process that was performed to this vehicle is consierent one of Emil Frey’s workshop’s most elaborate and complex projects. Therefore, it represents a great sense of accomplishment and price.

Besides being an impressive piece of automative history to have kept throughout all these years, it also pays immense tribute to an incredibly influential, admired and respected figure of history and politics. In fact, Winston Churchill has been previously considered one of Europe’s heroes in the Second World War.

Any signs of use and history such as dents, dirt and scratches on this Land Rover Series I have been cleaned up for it to look as good as new. Although the idea of restoring such an important and antique historical piece like this may scare a few people, the essense of war, battle and ultimately victory remain very much present in this car.

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