The Walther P99 is a German semi-automatic pistol. It was developed for law enforcement, civilian shooting and security forces by the company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen. The Walther P99 was made to serve as a replacement for the Walther P5 and the Walther P88. The variants of the Walther P99 and the Walther P99 itself were made under a license by Frabyka Broni Radom. Work began on the Walther P99’s design in the year 1994. This gun was presented in 1997 and had a series produced in the same year.

The Walther P99 is used by German police forces in Rhineland-Palatinate and in North Rhine-Westphalia. It has been ordered by a number of military police and special forces in Hamburg and Bremen. It has been modified several times throughout history as well as the magazines. Then the first Walther P99s were introduced, the capacities for the magazine were 16 rounds for a 9 millimeter by 19 millimeter Parabellum. They were also introduced for 12 rounds for the .40 S&W. These magazines possessed witness holes on either side.

In the second generation (2004+) of the Walther P99, they implemented a modified trigger guard. This trigger guard took away the ski hump which is visible within the design of the first generation. The reason for this was to address the concerns over user comfort in the style that came before it.

walther p99 all blackwalther p99 james bond version