Vollebak Planet Earth Shirts

The name speaks for itself. The Vollebak Planet Earth shirts have been made to suit any terrain and environment on earth.

For travellers, nature lovers, adventurers and explorers, taking a practical and technical wardrobe with you is essential to make your trip as smooth and comfortble as possible.

The Planet Earth shirts feature many helpful and innovative aspects. For example, seven concealed air vents will cool you down when encountering high temperatures, a hidden passport pocket, an anti-mosquito barrier at the collar, and nine gadget loops for trekking through the mountains.

The durability of this shirt is found in its sixty-two meters of stitching that are reinforced with welding techniques, and its buttons are shatterproof manufactured from the world’s most resistant nuts.

Swiss and Italian top quality materials and technology are used to give these shirts a wide number of different properties to assure the ultimate comfort. The Planet Earth shirts are water and dirt repellant, bacteria resistant, quick drying, with the additional benefit of having enough stretch and breathability.

Not only are these shirts the ultimate purchase for travelling among the desert, rainforests, savannahs, mountains and mangrove swamps. These shirts can also be used for daily activities like working at the office or commuting on public transport – something that could potentially a resemble chaotic adventure in itself.

These fashionable yet incredible practical shirts come in four different earth-tone colours that will blend flawlessly in any surroundings: black, white, grey and green.


Vollebak Planet Earth ShirtsVollebak Planet Earth ShirtsVollebak Planet Earth ShirtsVollebak Planet Earth Shirts