Vollebak Mountain Shirt

Investing in a Vollebak Mountain Shirt may be one of the best decisions you can make. This shirt was design with explorers in mind. Built with the ultimate Swiss technology, the Vollebak Mountain Shirt will not fail you during any of your journeys in the wild.

The main material of this shirt combines cotton, elastane and polyamide. By treating the fabric with Scholler 3DXDry, it provides the shirt with a range of convenient and helpful features like being antimicrobial, dirt and bacteria resistant, fast drying and water repellant. This cutting edge fabric allows the shirt to stretch in any direction for maximum movement, while keeping your skin cool and calm in extreme humid conditions. For colder temperatures, the Vollebak Mountain Shirt can be used as a baselayer to avoid you getting chilled from built up sweat. Better yet, this material has been approved as causing minimum impact on the environment by the Blue Sign.

For the utmost comfort, two concealed and reinforced air vents have been built in under the arms. These are fabricated from a high-stretch Italian mesh material. It also includes two zipped chest pockets with concealed zippers, and an additional pocket in the internal chest area that seals with Velcro.

Besides being an incredibly efficient shirt, it is designed to fit in a relaxed and minimalist way on the wearer. It is available in three different earth-toned and muted colors such as Alpine Green, Atlas Grey and Himalayan Pink.


Vollebak Mountain Shirt

Vollebak Mountain ShirtVollebak Mountain Shirt