Vipp Shelter Hotel

With the Vipp Shelter Hotel, those who checked in are encouraged to unplug from their laptops, tablets and smart phones for the duration of their stay. That is evidenced by the lack of internet connection that comes with the hotel stay. It is also evidenced by the remote location in which the Hotel is placed: rural Sweden in woods and near lakes that are otherwise untouched by human kind. The hotel is comprised of small homes that can be found in different locations to ensure that those who are staying in the Vipp Shelter Hotel will not be bothered–not by the internet and not by other people.

These striking Vipp Shelter Hotel homes come with large floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a breathtaking view of the natural scenery found all around. The windows span the entire length of the homes to give you incredible views anywhere and everywhere while inside. The windows open up to show off the sheer comfort offered by the Vipp Shelter Hotel, which includes amenities such as a kitchen that is fully stocked with appliances large and small, a serene living area that encourages relaxation and a plush, inviting bedroom that you will want to lounge in all day. instead of having any computers or televisions like other hotel suites might, this Hotel features expansive skylights that make it simple to view the stars. The Vipp Shelter Hotel also comes with a hearth that offers the perfect space to unwind and read a book.


Vipp Shelter Hotel Vipp Shelter Hotel Vipp Shelter HotelVipp Shelter Hotel