A more earthy and grounded home you could not wish to find anywhere – The Oak Pass House is truly one of a kind, and a nature lover’s heaven. The irony of the surrounding neighborhood of Beverly Hills not lost, 130 Live Coast Oak Trees dot the landscape to help ascertain Oak Pass’s ability to blend in, instead of stand out. Unassuming as this design is, there are countless stunning and impressive features which cannot go unnoted. With bedrooms buried in the hillside and below a vegetated roof of edible herbs and beautiful indoor plants, the 8,000 square foot enormity of the abode is well masked.

Limestone floors support the public space at the top where large glass windows lead out to a 75-square foot infinity swimming pool, nestled in the shade of the property’s largest and most impressive Oak Tree. Structural concrete provides plenty of open spaces in the bedroom level and with the walnut floors there is plenty of light reflected through the high-ceilinged windows. A guest house with two bedrooms is also included, ensuring both guests and hosts get to experience the hospitality of the wilderness hidden away beneath the rolling Beverly Hills.


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