Straight out of an in-flight magazine, the stunning surroundings of Santorini cliff-faces are as big a pull for these Vora Villas as their unique construction and design. The resort features four luxurious villas are located on the volcanic edges of the island – pushing the limits of on-land design and opening up the walls to embrace the wildness of unchartered waters beyond. The K-studio design have developed this project with award-winning designs and stunning visual support, drawing together traditional dwellings and modern materials to create a high-end experience while still leaning heavily of Cycladic inspiration. Dramatic views are accentuated by the volcano on the horizon, while infinity pools take you as close as possible to feeling held in the vast expanse of the open mediterranean sea beyond. The indoor privacy is juxtaposed with spacious open verandas to further bask in the glorious Grecian sun, using antique designs on the decor while still succeeding in feeling like a modern luxurious design. The balance struck by the Vora Villas between contemporary class and modern chic creates a holiday experience which is truly unforgettable.

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