Vallé du Parc House

This unique 21st-century home nestled in the mountainous countryside of Mauricie, Quebec, is so unusual in its contemporary design that it somehow enhances the natural surroundings it was built to blend into.

Naturally, the house itself is stunningly beautiful, too. With many features based on early concepts by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the high, sloping roofs of Vallé du Parc House mirror the mountainous landscape extending in the distance behind it. An unassuming timber exterior suggests that the home itself has grown out of the forest floor, with internal passages branching into a network of external terraces to bridge the gap between outdoors and in. Modelled originally on the layout of an automobile, the inside of the house transports you to another world entirely.

Nurturing the need for earthy comforts without compromising on space, the interior is also a delightful contrast of white-washed walls and high-ceilings, glazed panels marking a bold contemporary twist in contrast to the natural pleasures of the world outside. The house breathes itself into its surroundings in a world where modern-day architecture often threatens to override the rhythms of nature. Almost nostalgic in its unassuming exterior, Vallé du Parc House is a quietly stunning revolution of architecture.

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