Tudor Royal Watch – Royal Timepieces for the Modern Budget

The Royal Line

The name ‘Tudor’ inspires majestic, royal thoughts almost instantaneously. As one of the most famous English rulers, the Tudors have secured their place in history with just their surname. Since 1926, Tudor watches have inspired the same admiration and awe with their beautiful, timeless designs. In the 1950s, Tudor began using the word royal to describe their upgraded watch designs.

Thankfully, the Tudor Royal offers a range of automatic sport-chic watches with integrated bracelets that are far more affordable than good ol’ Henry VIII is willing to admit. Tudor takes its characteristic notched polished-and-grooved bezel and adds beautiful luxury details that would impress a king — like diamond hour markers, woven gold with stainless steel, and striking metallic dials.

tudor royal watch

Options on Options

The Royal line comes in stainless steel or gold and stainless steel and is offered in 4 sizes with 9 possible dials. That means there’s a Royal dress watch out there for everyone. Blue, steel, silver, black, diamond-set, and yellow gold comprise your dial options, as well as the accents available around the clock face (aka, alternating bezel colors) and interwoven along with the stainless steel bracelet band. Classically, the Royal line uses Roman numerals to tell the hour, but other options inlay diamonds as hour markers or mother of pearl for a softer, more chic look.

With 52 variations of watches, you’re sure to find the perfect combination that reflects your impeccable taste, your budget, and your style. The Royal line may be purchased in four sizes to fit a wide variety of aristocratic (or simply stylish) wrists. The larger, 41-millimeter diameter option also displays the day of the week and the date (but only the day number, not the month nor year). These watches are calibrated to a 2834 movement and are waterproof to 330 feet (or 100 meters).

tudor royal watch

The Tudor Royal Watch Price

Out of 52 possible variations, we couldn’t possibly list all of the prices in this streamlined article. However, we can tell you that each Tudor Royal watch ranges between $2,150 and $3,925. In the realm of luxury sport-chic watches, that’s a deal you won’t have to sell the castle to afford.

Tudor watches can be purchased at licensed shops across the nation. Find your closest retailer on the Tudor website, and feel like a king with your new Royal timepiece.


tudor royal watch