Timex Reissues the M79: Affordable 80s in 2021

Timex resurrects a classic that’ll help you look cool from the drive-in to the mall with its new M79 automatic, an updated throwback choice in watches under $500. Timex breathes new life into its classic 1979 Q design with an update or two but keeps all the old-school cool. Whether you drive a Gremlin or a GTO, the M79 will look great around your wrist draped over the wheel.

Classic Timex Quartz Inspiration

The M79 is every bit of a blast from the past, from the multi-textured woven stainless steel band to the screw-in battery holder. The watch line features a dark face with luminous markings, but it’s the unidirectional, two-tone bezel that really sets it off.

The original “Q” designation stood for quartz, the rising tide in watchmaking back in ‘79. We know you were too busy jamming to Judas Priest while getting tweaked on Tab Cola (or other ingestible substances) to care. Meanwhile, the quartz watch revolution awakened the sleeping giant that was Timex and ushered in the new era of wristwatches.

Timex brings back the original Q now with some updates to meet 21st-century expectations.

m79 watch classic red black

Updated Features

Timex’s M79 features 21 jewels in its mechanical movement, powered by your physical actions as you go about your day. It stores power for 40 hours and can also be wound manually. An “exhibition” case back puts the guts on display. A day and date window finish the watch.

The Timex M79: One of the Best Watches under $500

The M79 is available with a red/black, blue/black, or black/black bezel. Timex puts a price on nostalgia by listing the M79 at $279 MSRP.


timex shop m79 snoopy editiontimex watch side view profiletimex underside of case detailtimex watch back view