The Ridge Titanium Wallet

Our list of essentials is getting smaller by the day, and minimalism is fast overtaking the old paradigm of more is always better. The Ridge wallet is a perfect example of this energy in action.

Minimal, practical and unassuming in its slick design, The Ridge Wallet is an efficient storage for your essentials. The RFID-blocking wallet (radio-frequency identification) not only assists in compacting your everyday essentials to save space, but it also protects them from external harm and ensures you the utmost security as you do so. The slim design holds up to twelve credit cards with ease, and also has a clip (or strap) on the outside ideal for holding cash or ID cards.

Simplifying everyday life being at the core of their company values, you’ll find your transactions and business dealings take on a new element of ease and practicality with their intelligently designed gear at hand.

Carrying less but always having what you need on hand is a task much easier said than done, and something which can regularly lead to over-packing, over-thinking, and bulging purses. The Ridge Wallet is an invaluable tool for anyone struggling in this area, the stainless steel exterior promising long-lasting quality and durable support for your busy lifestyle.