Tentsile Universe Multi-Element Shelter

One of the hardest tasks when facing the great outdoors is erecting a suitable shelter that will not only keep you safe from the elements, but is also easy to set up, with minimal fuss. Tentsile has been extremely proficient at ticking both of these boxes, offering great shelters that are simple to put in place and more importantly, can be set up in a variety of areas.

Their new design, the Multi-Element Shelter, offers the ability to be taken out on water as well as comfortably being employed for ground or air deployment. Family adventures can now be taken to the next level, as this 3-in-1 outdoor shelter is the largest that Tentsile has created to date.

Offering the capability to host five adults with five feet of interior headspace, there’s no such thing as feeling cramped and uncomfortable. The outstanding feature on this version is the Universe floor, which, once inflated, converts your tent into a three-person raft that is capable of supporting 880 pounds of weight.

A simple design, yet extremely effective, this multi-use tent will be able to handle most outdoor requirements with relative ease.


Tentsile Universe Multi-Element Shelter Tentsile Universe Multi-Element Shelter Tentsile Universe Multi-Element Shelter