The 70 Tattoo Cover Up Ideas for Men

The official legal age for getting a tattoo is eighteen years old. If you have ever brought up the idea of getting a tattoo to your parents, you were probably met with something along the lines of, “You’re going to regret that tattoo when you’re older.” But the thing is… At the time, you probably disagreed, and that’s what led you to commit to the tattoo in the first place. See, we do not always make the most thought-out decisions or well-informed choices when we are in our teens or our twenties.

Everything in our brain comes together in our mid- to late-twenties, but up until then, we might act on ideas that aren’t the best ones long-term. One of the most commonly mistaken actions that we take as younger adults, yet regret as we get older, would be tattoos. Maybe you had a boyfriend you thought you would spend forever with, so you tattooed his name on your left wrist. Or maybe you started dating a girl that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, and now that anniversary date is inked into your bicep but you’re no longer together.

These things happen because younger relationships are more prone to ending in breakups than marriages. You live and you learn, but it doesn’t mean you have to keep a tattoo you regret visible on your body for life. That’s where tattoo cover-ups come into the picture. If you have ink on your skin that you wish you never had done, don’t worry. Instead, take a look through these 70 tattoo cover-up ideas for men.

Dark Detailed Tattoo Over Top Faded Characters Designs Over Old Bull and Horns Tattoo Eagle in Place of a Sun Cover Up Elaborate Dragon Chest and Shoulder Tattoo Elaborate Wolf Tattoo Elephant Trunk Full Arm Cover Up Piece From Fading to Vibrant Tattoo Idea From Half Sleeve to Full Arm Piece Full Arm Cover Up Piece Full Back Skull and Wings Tattoo

Full Sleeve Cover Up Idea for Men Hand Tattoo Cover Up Piece Hide a Devilish Cartoon Tattoo with an Animal Portrait Piece How to Cover a Back Tattoo that You Regret How to Cover Up an Ex Girlfriends Name

How to Cover Up an Outer Hand Tattoo How to Cover Up Your Shoulder Piece How to Replace an Old Shark Tattoo Idea for a Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up Piece Incorporate an Old Tattoo into a New One

Incorporate Shading to Cover Up an Old Tattoo Intense Red and Black Forearm Cover Up Idea Jet Black Forearm Tattoo Cover Up Idea for Men King Kong Cover Up Idea for Men Koi Fish Cover Up Calf Tattoo Lighthouse Shoulder Cover Up Idea for Men Lion Tattoo in Place of a Leprechaun Lion Tattoo Over Top a Fading Back Piece Masked Man and Aircraft Tattoo Masked Man Tattoo Over an Old Tribal Outline

Negative Ink Forearm Idea Neon Green Blue Tattoo Cover Up Idea Octopus Skull Shoulder Piece Outerspace Tattoo on Top of an Old Portrait Piece Paint Splatter Arm Tattoo Polar Bear Sunrise Ankle Piece Religious Baptism Cover Up Tattoo Religious Chest Cover Up Piece Replace a Minimal Wolf Tattoo with a Detailed Piece Replace a Signature Piece on Your Forearm

Replace an Illuminati Hand Piece with a Rose Replace an Old Tattoo with a Detailed Portrait Piece Replace Santa Clause with an Eagle Back Piece Scorpion Chest Piece Over a Name Shoulder Piece Cover Up Idea All Black Eagle Tattoo Spreading its Wings American Traditional Shoulder Cover Up Piece Back of Shoulder Cover Up Idea Back Tattoo Cover Up Idea for Men Batman Tattoo Cover Up Idea for Men

Blackout Cover Up Calf Tattoo Blue Creature Chest Piece Canon Fire Cover Up for Shoulder Tattoo Compass and World Map Cover Up idea Cover a Simple Tattoo with a Complex Piece Cover Up a Quote Tattoo with Eagle Feather Wings Cover Up Regretful Tattoos with a Skeleton Covering an Old Tattoo with a Fresh Armband Covering Up a Wrist Tattoo Idea for Men Criss Cross Ring Finger Tattoo Cover Up

Dark Colors Cover Up Arm Idea Sick Chest Piece Cover Up Idea Spiral Clock Eye Forearm Cover Up Idea Touch Up an Old Panther Tattoo Transform a Gang Tattoo into a Bunch of Roses Transform a Spider into Batman Turn a Cross into a Compass Turn a Quote Tattoo into a Scenic View Upper Left Back Lion Tattoo