Tag Heuer Monaco Watch: Luxury Exposed

Here at Improb, you know we love watches. Everyone can use one. A watch can be the perfect accessory for any look: it’s utile, and it expresses the wearer’s personal style. Today’s watch highlight is the Tag Heuer Monaco automatic watch. The Monaco watch brings together form, function, and a distinguished name in one striking package with a Swiss stamp of approval.

tag heuer monaco automatic watch

The Style: Monaco Watch Aesthetic

Today, good things come in square packages — 39-mm square case packages, that is. The Tag Heuer Monaco boasts a square 39-mm face, a unique look in a size that isn’t too flashy.

On the face, multiple chronographs give this Tag Heuer watch some retro appeal, but the stainless-steel case and band shine with new technology and a look that goes well with any outfit. This timepiece can go with you from work to dinner or even fancy parties where you need to impress.

An open case back gives you a little glimpse into this bad boy’s technology and adds a unique design element you don’t see very often.

Navy blue Monaco

The Technology: Tag Heuer Ingenuity

Dive that open sapphire case’s backing and look around. Tag Heuer uses its own in-house movement designs to power its watches. The Swiss watchmaker was responsible for one of the first automatically-moving watches; even now, Tag Heuer continually improves its technology. The Monaco watch is powered by Heuer 02 movement, which affords exceptional accuracy and battery life.

The power reserve is an impressive 80 hours. Not only do you get a strikingly accurate watch in the Monaco, but you also get durability.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, so a splash here and there won’t bother it a bit.

There’s a pretty penny staked to this kind of excellence. You’ll fork over $6,750 to make Tag Heuer’s Monaco timepiece gleam on your wrist. You’ll get free shipping and returns with your purchase, as well as the standard Tag Heuer warranty: within 2 years from your date of purchase, send the Monaco in for repairs. These repairs can relate to any of the watch’s functions, including the movement, energy, magnetization, or water-resistance issues, and they’ll fix it for free.

It’s a hefty price for an impressive package, but is it worth it? That’s up to you.


monaco automatic in blackmonaco back detailmonaco face detail