SOG lightweight Camp Axe

Make the most out of your camping experience by staying equipped with all of the tools you need, including the most important one–an axe. The SOG Camp Axe will allow you to clear a space for you and your party to camp while also allowing you to chop up wood for fires, making both kindling and burning logs. This is because it’s good for not only chopping but for chipping wood as well due to its ultra sharp nature.

The SOG Camp Axe is also ideal for hammering on its blunt end so that you can get the tent spikes into the ground with ease. This multipurpose tool will allow you to complete all of the tasks that are necessary to complete while you are out in the woods or on the trail for a weekend.

Ultra lightweight, this Axe won’t weigh down your camping pack. It is small and easy to carry, allowing for plenty of room for you to pack other important items in your pack. This makes it simple for you to transport anywhere, no matter the distance and no matter if you are hiking with it on your person. You won’t have to worry about it slowing you down, and it comes with a case to protect your other belongings from its edge.

The SOG Camp Axe measures only 11.5 inches, allowing it to be the perfect size for your hand without being too large to use or transport. It weighs only 16.1 ounces.