Silencr Rogue Kargo Pants by KÜHL

Many cargo pants are bulky and not particularly aesthetically attractive. But the Silencr Rogue Kargo Pants buck that assumption and delivers good performance with a stylish design.

The Silencr Rogue Kargo pants are made with a fabric mix of 62% mechanical stretch polyester and 38% recycled polyester. The pants ultimately don’t weigh too much at 164 GSM or grams per square meter. You can easily machine wash these plans on cold with similar colors.

Speaking of color, the Kargo Pants come with five different color options ranging from brown to “grain” to “raven” black to a steely carbon. This allows you to combine the pants with a wide variety of shirts and uniforms without breaking dress code.

You’ll also be able to choose waist sizes between 30 and 42 inches, plus in scene sizes between 30 and 34 inches. They’ll work for a wide variety of men in multiple positions or job types.

Design Features

The Kargo Pants are sewn for freedom and convenience through and through. Firstly, they feature a gusseted crotch, facilitating more movement freedom and better comfort as you stand and sit throughout the day. This design is excellent for guys that need to crouch or kneel frequently, as the pants’ articulated design helps you move naturally without feeling stuck or restricted.

The pants also feature seven pockets in total: two at the front hand locations, two in the back, plus two cargo pockets on either side. A final welt drop-in pocket completes the set, providing you with plenty of space to store your tools or accessories. Each pocket is well-stitched fairly durable to ensure that they don’t rip easily if you put keys or other objects with sharp edges inside.

An elastic drawcord is located at the bottom hem for cinching purposes, as well.

Fit and Fabric

The Kargo Pants feature a tapered fit that is both stylish and practical for work purposes. They’re also woven with a ripstop fabric that’s both durable and wicking. In other words, they’ll resist significant wear and tear and won’t soak with moisture very easily. The pants are also finished with a DWR coating for even better water resistance.

Even better, the waistband is lined with soft micro-chamois material. Your hipbones will feel soft but snug. A UPF sun resistance rating of 50 means you can use these outdoors all day without worrying about your legs getting too many rays.


All in all, these pants are a great choice for working men of all professions, but they’re just as suitable for people who put their pants to the test outdoors. Style and function are rarely combined so well as they are here.


Silencr Rogue Kargo Pants Silencr Rogue Kargo Pants Silencr Rogue Kargo Pants Silencr Rogue Kargo Pants