Showers Pass Atlas Jacket

This Men’s Atlas Jacket truly is a fit for all seasons. You’ll actually be hard pressed to find any other jacket that performs the way that this one does. Whether you’re traveling around the world, or simply on an everyday outdoor adventure, you’ll find this jacket truly useful.

To the already versatile refuge jacket, they added the high visibility fabric, MapREflect. Your jacket will truly stand out as a one-of-a-kind with the map pattern that is different on every single jacket.

Even though the Atlas jacket is highly versatile in a variety of situations, it is not at all compromising in the areas of style or comfort. In addition to being breathable, yet completely waterproof, the fabric with which it is manufactured is one that allows for comfortable stretching, especially when your body is busy moving.

Certainly not least of all, you’ll enjoy the brushed lining that is extra soft and the hand warmer pockets in the front. Overheating is not possible, thanks to airflow cuffs that are adjustable and core vents that are large enough to let the heat out.


Showers Pass Atlas Jacket Showers Pass Atlas Jacket