The concrete-built Sharp House presents a stark contrast to the warming desert landscape of Santa Fe in which it’s built – with the end results giving the property an almost Life on Mars feel from the outside. Minimal materials were used in the construction of this house, making it economically friendly and simplified to the point of irony in it’s lack of elaborate, unnecessary design.

As well as being stylish and externally appealing, this is a very practical and functional home consisting of 2 bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, and living area with a minimalist aesthetic across a 2,000 square foot interior. The bare concrete walls enhance the minimalist design and make the dwelling stand out in the immediate natural environment around it. Full-height glazed windows allow the warmth of the desert sunlight to shine right in from the north and south, offering ventilation and views of the spectacular scenery.

There’s even a rooftop terrace for stargazing and midnight murmurings connected by a built-in ladder, creating the perfect spot to observe the expanse of cosmos visible in the night sky.

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