RikkiTikki Compressible Inflatable Pillow

Remember the good old days when long-haul flights included meals and blankets, plus you could bring your own water? It feels like almost ancient history now, but if unashamed nostalgia is not your thing, you can always try to bring comfort back to the Economy cabin with this comfy inflatable pillow.

No need to worry about running out of space for your beach novel by packing this pillow. Quick to inflate and easy to fold back, the RikkiTikki pillow will take up less space than your smartphone when packed, and will only require between 4 to 5 puffs (3 if you’re a runner!) to grow into some much needed back support.

At 15 x 12 inches when fully and tightly inflated, this compressible pillow can also be carried when camping or to the office, where it will snugly fill up that cold, painful void left between your spine and your office chair. The pillow comes in two color combinations and is made with easily-washable and durable cotton – the kind that will not capture cabin smell.


RikkiTikki Compressible Inflatable Pillow RikkiTikki Compressible Inflatable Pillow RikkiTikki Compressible Inflatable Pillow