Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal: Get High, Get Re-Creative

Most of us want to be more creative but don’t quite know how to get the juices flowing. Creativity can be a fickle thing, but once you begin tapping into that right-brain goodness, it gets easier. For some, using cannabis can be a gateway to their creative side and thinking outside the box. We’re not talking so high you float into the clouds with Puff the Magic Dragon, just a little toke to relax you and get your brain away from the stress of the day-to-day. The Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal isn’t your average everyday carry journal; it is a journal filled with prompts to help engage your creative side while you indulge in a little Mary Jane.

pilgrim soul creative thinking journal

Get High, Create Habits, Reprogram Your Brain

Creating habits of daily journaling and creative practice can be a massive benefit to your mental health. You don’t have to be hitting the green while you do it, either. You can use this journal while sober as a way to engage with your creative side using prompts that include observation, imagination, abstracting, pattern recognition, and analogies. The primary learning mechanism that this journal employs is “think different.” This learning method challenges currently held beliefs and ideas and encourages you to identify and change your normal thinking patterns.

Once we interrupt our current patterns, habits, and thoughts, we create pathways to reconstruct new ways of thinking, allowing for additional creativity or new habits to form. Changing patterns is part of where the kush comes in. Weed can help you relax, engage, and think deeply about your status quo. It might be best to grab some Sativa for a project like this.

You might have heard the phrase “it takes 21 days to make a habit,” while the 21 days bit has been debated, it is possible to create new habits. Daily journaling, especially in a journal with focused prompts, can create some major life shifts and alter thinking patterns. This habit formation is why the Creative Thinking Journal can be such a game-changer, whether you have a joint in hand while you write or not.

pilgrim soul creative thinking journal

Creative Thinking Journal Availability

You can snag this journal from the Pilgrim Soul website for $29.95 and boasts 240 pages with 50 different exercises and prompts between a durable hardcover. You can remove the “Please Use While You Are High” so that you don’t need to worry about displaying your personal habits while you carry your journal with you.

Ten percent of the proceeds from this journal goes towards artist endowments to support local artists who use their creativity daily.

Just remember, creativity is not just for artists; it is a powerful tool that you can foster with practice and intention. Creativity also isn’t only stimulated by smoking a doobie. Experiment with healthy triggers in your life that get those juices flowing and find what works for you.


pilgrim soul creative thinking journalpilgrim soul creative thinking journalpilgrim soul creative thinking journal