Photographer’s House

Though nestled in the countryside, the Photographer’s House sits along a main road, one that allows you easy access to important locations. Surrounding the home is a beautiful collection of houses that stand in a picturesque way side by side, a forest stemming out from these houses to fill in the gaps with natural beauty. This home is a structure that is large in size and made out of mortar and galvanized iron plate that offers a slight, warm bit of shining light. Full of character, it stands out among the other nearby houses and looks dashing beside the accompanying shrine. The building is often used by photographers who want to turn it into a gallery as well as a dwelling; a place where both passions for their art and passions for their living state can live in harmony. Because of this, instead of having a dedicated space for each function of the house, there is an open floor plan that allows you to live in harmony with your work.

The space of the Photographer’s House is quiet and euphoric that brings in light from every angle, leading you down a path that offers plentiful light streaming down from the ceiling. This is especially beautiful in the gallery portion of the home where all of the paintings are lit up beautifully with natural light. There are long passages of space between each functional area of the home that are ideal for hanging your photography and other art pieces.

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