Philips Power Potion

One of the biggest bugbears in today’s society is running out of power on your Smartphone, music device or navigation system whilst on the go. It’s happened to all of us and can range from a slight inconvenience to causing huge distress as you find yourself without the ability to contact anyone, should you be lost or far from home. Philips recognized this issue and devised a plan to combat this; by creating their Power Potion.

No, it’s not the latest post-workout supplement drink, the Power Potion is a portable device that keeps your gadgets fully charged on the go. The design is sleek, easily manageable and discreet. A 3,000mAh battery has been encased within a fragrance bottle shaped housing, that is a soft touch plastic.

Within this small device are a plethora of charging outlets which include; an integrated lightning connector at the top, a micro USB input, and standard USB input, all of which combine to give you the flexibility to charge whatever you need, whilst on the move.

In addition, there is an LED power indicator at the bottom as well as an aluminum ring located at the top of the device, that can be easily affixed to your phone for example.

A great gadget that stops you from being caught off your guard whilst traveling, Philips has gone above and beyond with something to cater to as many different devices as possible

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