A modern spectacle set among a grove of mature oak trees is framed perfectly when you set your sights upon the Patio House by Promontorio . Natural beauty meets the beauty of manmade design in this inspiration piece taken from native Portugal. This home is modular and boxlike, showing off the crisp lines and smooth white color that the house affords like a beacon in its wilderness environment. At the heart of the home, you will find a central patio, much like the ones to found in Portugal. Just like the montes settlements found in this region, the outside of this space is defined by a number of white structures that sit high atop the surrounding landscape. These structures are what house within them the private aspects of the home, all of which are connected by a single inner ring of space that makes up the communal areas. An internal wall that is made up entirely of glass sliding doors houses the courtyard, offering a look into and outside of the home no matter where you are standing. This courtyard door setting also offers direct access to the patio from virtually anywhere so enjoying the privacy and the crisp night air is only a step away at any time. The glazed panels on the outer side of the Patio House  allow for views of the landscape outside, making it a picturesque home no matter if you are on the inside or are on the outside looking in.

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