OtterBox Elevation 64 Growler

From the company known for creating virtually indestructible products comes the OtterBox Elevation 64 Growler. This growler is designed to offer you years of reusable use unlike standard growlers that have a tendency to weaken and may shatter if ever dropped. It is able to bring along enough water for an entire day’s trip or to store plenty of your favorite craft brew in its 100 percent stainless steel design. The stainless steel is food grade, making it perfectly safe for drinking out of.

Inside of the OtterBox Elevation 64 Growler is an internal copper lining that helps to keep your liquid, no matter what it may be, at the right temperature for you to enjoy all day long. This growler comes with a screw-on lid that is simple to take off and put back on again. This lid is leak proof and ensures that not a single drop will make its way out of its design. The Elevation 64 Growler is also sweat resistant which makes it especially ideal for packing into your bag when you go hiking without fear that it is going to get watery condensation all over the clothing and dry goods which you have packed along with it. It leaves no rings on your coffee table or other occasional tables upon which it is placed for that reason as well. The Elevation 64 Growler comes backed by the limited lifetime warranty that the Otterbox company is known to offer.