Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts

Looking for something quirky for the beach, or just a huge James Bond fan? Or both? Then look no further. Orlebar Brown has designed four different Bond themed swim shorts.

Each one takes iconic imagery from legendary 007 films that featured Sean Connery and Roger Moore and plaster them skillfully over the swimwear. Taking the first pair, the beach scene from the first film outing, Dr. No will surely be enough to inspire you to seek sunnier climes and settle into the beach lifestyle for a week or two.

Moving on, the next set implements one of the underwater fight scenes from Thunderball, as James Bond fights off a SPECTRE agent. It’s a fitting tribute to something that garnered the film rave reviews as well as winning the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 1966.

Next up is not a direct scene from a film, but rather a stylized render that serves as a great image. Bond is pictured effortlessly piloting an autogyro whilst being pursued by yet another SPECTRE agent. Echoing the cool imagery of the film (You Only Live Twice), the contrasting colors give a great aesthetic for the beach or pool.

Finally, the last pair of shorts depict an epic chase scene from Live and Let Die in which Bond is shown using a speedboat to evade his would-be captors. Interestingly, that scene set an unintentional World Record when the boat cleared a distance of 110 feet.


Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts