Carve Out a Piece of History: Opinel No. 08 Folding Knife

Whether working with a tackle box, in the garden, at a campground, or in the kitchen, the Opinel No. 08 folding knife is a sleek, sturdy blade with more than a century of history jammed into a refined, classic package.

The Historical Opinel No. 08

The Opinel No. 08 was first designed as part of a series in the 1890s by french knife maker Joseph Opinel. Opinel created folding knives of varying sizes from No. 01 to No. 12. The No. 08, which fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, was originally sold to farmers and train conductors as a simple, high-quality, and affordable blade.

Opinel says it still strives to meet those same goals with their modern rendition of the No. 08. While the folding knife has gone through a couple of small changes over the decades, the time-tested blade design has remained largely unchanged, earning it a spot among truly classic blades.

The knife has since become a staple in the Opinel lineup for its compact size and fit, with more than 30 million sold in the 130 years since it was first designed.

the opinel no. 08 folding knife

Opinel No. 08 Specs

The Opinel No. 08 folding knife features an 8.5-centimeter traditional Yatagan blade forged from easy-to-sharpen XC90 carbon steel, along 9-centimeter haft. The blade measures out to 3.28 inches in length and stretches to 7.59 inches when fully open. It includes a fixed ring, a rivet to hold the blade and grip together, and a varnished beechwood handle that can be sanded to an even more precise fit to complete its elegant, no-frills package.

Other features include the iconic Opinel crown, hand-stamped into the blade, and a Viroblock safety ring that locks the blade in a closed or open position. There’s also a nail notch built in to easily pull the blade to the open position.

How Much?

At an MSRP of $17, the Opinel No. 08 is an affordable everyday carry pocket knife that cuts just as well in the kitchen as it does outdoors and is highly customizable. Opinel also offers a limited lifetime warranty to back up the blade.

For an extra $6 to $8, Opinel offers custom engraving or etching on both the blade and handle, making the No. 08 a great gift option as well. Buyers can select basic initialing, or up to 25 characters of text to adorn each knife.

Such a storied and well-tested piece of cutlery would be well at home in any EDC arsenal.


the opinel no. 08 folding knife the opinel no. 08 folding knife the opinel no. 08 folding knife