Nikola Powersports: A Clean Way into the Wild

Nikola Motor Company is an American design and manufacturing company focused on transforming transportation with fully electrical and hydrogen-electric motors, including powersports products. Their hydrogen-electric drivetrains offer low-to-zero emissions, high efficiency, reliability, durability, and fuel flexibility. Nikola is paving the way towards transportation without harmful emissions through the design and manufacturing of these vehicles and the supporting charging stations.

Nikola Powersports products offer versatility, speed, redundancy, and other sought-after features. The Reckless four-seater side by side is compact and boasts 775 ft/lbs of instant torque, making it ideal for challenging terrain. With an incredible 590 horsepower and unheard-of zero to 60 time of four seconds, it will blow doors of current side by sides. The range is 150 miles.

It has modular capabilities, easily accepting additional technologies and components. With four motors for redundancy, it’s guaranteed you’ll still make it home even with some damage. Additionally, an IP67 rating, which allows submersion under one meter of water for 30 minutes, means water crossings won’t be an issue.

Nikola Powersports

These features make the Nikola Reckless a perfect OHV model for a U.S. military investment. Last year, the National Center for Manufacturing Services (NCMS), a member-based organization dedicated to innovation, sustainment, and connecting organizations, awarded Nikola Powersports and Pratt and Miller Engineering 4.35 million dollars to incorporate hydrogen fuel cell technology into Nikola’s OHV Reckless model.  The intention is to assess and authenticate the performance of the technology.

Via an agreement with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities (CTMA), the Reckless will be a stage for improved stealth, technology, and safety for the American troops. CTMA loyalty lies with the Troops, but that doesn’t mean eco-friendly, motorsports enthusiasts won’t reap collateral benefits.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) powered motors rely on a continuous chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, with the only electricity, heat, and water as by-products. HFC doesn’t rely on combustion like a traditional gas system, leading to a more efficient energy source. The heat by-product relays back into heating and cooling systems. The fuel cell is twice as efficient as it’s gasoline counterpart.

Nikola Powersports

The fuel cell doesn’t need replacing or recharging, only refueling with pressurized hydrogen. Recharging takes less than ten minutes, whereas electric vehicles could take hours. HFC help eliminates toxic battery waste and mitigates the environmental impacts of oil spills and air pollution. They have proven reliable in harsh environments like hurricanes, deserts, and temperatures below freezing.

Another benefit that caught the DoD’s attention was the lack of moving parts in hydrogen fuel cells. This benefit makes the Reckless incredibly quiet and stealthy. The lack of heat generated from friction, coupled with the refrigerant cooling system, results in a low thermal signature.

The Reckless may have been the prototype for future military systems, but as mentioned above, any off-road fanatic will enjoy this OHV. It allows you and three friends to enjoy long adventures into remote areas with less environmental impacts compared to current gas-powered vehicles.

Nikola Powersports

Nikola Powersports didn’t stop with the Reckless. Their Nikola NZT features similar features along with upgraded Fox suspension with 18 inches of travel, keyless start, and front and rear cameras.

If you are more prone to water adventures and need something more capable than the Reckless’ IP67, check out the Nikola WAV personal watercraft. The WAV has an IP68 rating, a waterproof infotainment display, sportbike ergonomics, and the instant torque of an electric powerplant. It has storage under the seat and head and tail lights, making it a versatile way to travel over water.

Nikola Powersports aims to transform the way we travel and adventure over land and water, using both electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. Keep an eye on this company as we all strive to enjoy the outdoors with fewer impacts.

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