THE NEOSTEEL™ HELMET – The World’s Toughest Combat Helmet

NeoSteel Helmet – Your Brain’s Best Bet in Battle

Brain bucket, skid lid, hard hat, whatever you call it when things get dangerous, a helmet can help keep your head in the game. Whether you’re squeezing your dome into a motorcycle racing helmet, combat lid, or just a construction zone hard hat, you want to be sure that you’ve got the protection you need. If a helmet for combat is, in fact, what you’re after, look no further than Diamond Age’s NeoSteel Helmet.

the neosteel™ helmet – the world’s toughest combat helmet


For centuries soldiers have donned helmets in battle, ensuring that shrapnel or errant debris wouldn’t take them out of combat in an untimely fashion. Since WWI, the US military has deployed the M1 helmet and ran the same kit until approximately 1983, an extended period without any significant technological progression.

Dating back nearly a hundred years, the Hadfield Steel M1 featured a chrome-nickel-vanadium blend. Unfortunately, this particular metal resisted the foundries’ attempt to form a proper helmet. Once the helmet’s form came together, it would inevitably crack, which isn’t acceptable for combat. So, they had to resort to lesser-quality steel with a higher manganese metal blend. Though the helmet was quick and easy to produce and suffered from inferior technology, it lived on for over 100 years.

Between the first and second world wars, over 22 million M1 helmets were stamped and put into military circulation. Another million of these helmets would be manufactured during the workup to the Vietnam war. While the M1s are now obsolete for combat, they are still collector’s items for war buffs and people preparing for the world’s end.

the neosteel™ helmet – the world’s toughest combat helmet

The M1 Evolved

The NeoSteel helmet takes a big leap forward from the past century of combat lid development. This VPAM 3 (international ballistic regulation) compliant helmet has vastly stronger alloy and is designed to withstand many of the new threats that soldiers face in combat. They’ve also taken great strides to make it more comfortable, modular, and adaptable to the wide variety of additional equipment available for the modern soldier.

Contrasting modern lightweight composite helmets with the full-steel structure of the NanoSteel, this helmet offers many benefits that its lighter contemporaries cannot claim. Neck injuries resulting from back-of-the-head acceleration are very common in combat. The NeoSteel helmet, because of its unibody shell and material, creates a situation where effectively no risk of injury is found due to blue force impact to the head. They claim that it won’t just keep you alive; it will allow you to return fire.

the neosteel™ helmet – the world’s toughest combat helmet

Modularity is also a selling point for the new NeoSteel helmet. Diamond Age (the manufacturer) has the following items in development as add ons: NVG shroud, M-Lok side rails, Ballistic mandible, Ballistic visor, Blast liner set, and a rifle-rated ballistic appliqué.

While it can take eight to ten weeks to receive your NeoSteel Helmet, it will be worth the wait. You’ve got three colors to choose from in black, green, or tan. For far cheaper than a motorcycle helmet, at just $195 MSRP, you too can own the world’s most formidable combat helmet.


the neosteel™ helmet – the world’s toughest combat helmet