Mott & Bow Affordable Denim Jeans

Jeans that fit are hard to come by. Jeans that are made with quality at a price that you’re comfortable with are even harder. Mott & Bow has taken it upon themselves to bring to us some sweet Denim jeans without the luxury brand cost.

By cutting out the middle man, Mott & Bow pushes those savings to us. Check out some of our favorite styles below:


These classic jeans fashionably incorporate the modern “slim” cut style, creating a pair of jeans that are great for a night out on the town as well as a daytime affair with good friends. The Crosby material includes quality 12.2 oz denim from Anadolu, Turkey, and a blend of 98% cotton, which helps create a pair of jeans that move with you as you go, without restricting or chaffing. The Cobalt sprayed jeans are lightly hand sanded to create a unique light wash design every time. These mid-rise jeans will fit just right, with a cut that is straight through the hip and thins out at the thigh and leg for a sculpted, tailored look that isn’t too tight or too baggy. The thick stitched hems and seams are durable and won’t wear out or tear easily, and provide a beautiful contrast that is crisp and modern. Deep, sturdy front and back pockets make these jeans just as practical as they are stylish. The Crosby jeans are also available in straight cut and skinny fit, for a different look with the same straightforward fashion statement every single time.



Black jeans are a wardrobe staple. These jeans are the perfect way to do sleek and subtle but are straightforward enough to make a serious fashion statement, too, all depending on how you pair them. These jeans, available in a slim fit, skinny fit, or straight cut, are tailored to fit for any occasion. The fabric is colored with a mixture of indigo dye and a sulphur bottom and then finished with a black overdye, which helps create a pair of pants that are truly black in color. Proper care will avoid fading, helping you keep your new favorite jeans looking new for quite some time. No distressing was necessary for this streamlined look. This denim weighs in at 10.25 oz with at least 11% elasticity to create the most comfortable black jeans that will pair nicely with virtually any shirt you own. The mid rise jeans is both classic and modern and pairs well with any outfit. These jeans are built to be durable and outlast any event, including a quality made, convenient zipper fly. This is the perfect way to make business casual feel like business comfortable.