Montblanc Legend Cologne

The legendary brand of Montblanc is widely known for its luxurious touch to common day accessories such as pens, cufflinks, watches, stationary and leather products like wallets. For 100 years, Montblanc has offered the public with the opportunity to upgrade their ordrinary selves into ones that express sophistication and class in purchasing some of these items. Thanks to their new launch, you can now smell elegantly as well.

Packaged in a simple yet classic black and silver bottle, Montblanc has created the Legend Cologne. This cologne takes you as the main focus to create such a delicious smell. By this, it is meant that the combination of clean, woody, and energetic notes have been mixed in a way which enhances your personal scent without overpowering it. It also includes fresh jasmine, white cedar, and Italian bergamot among many others. Its dry finish also includes tonka bean and sandalwood notes.

The Montblanc Legend Cologne is timeless and modern; while surpirising everyone with the chance of catching a whiff with a sense of mystery.

By wearing this cologne, you are assured to feel a more confident and charismatic version of yourself. The Montblanc Legend Colone will embrace everything that encompasses you; while making you legendary at the same time.


Montblanc Legend Cologne