Mono Cabin

Drop Structures has provided a slick solution to outdoor living with their Mono cabin, that is not only easy to set up, but also very easy on the eyes. Thanks to some excellent design cues, the Mono is a real beauty to behold and looks spectacular anywhere you put it. The Mono is a culmination of years of engineering and planning, which have brought about a refined model that is deceptively simple.

The basis behind the cabin is to optimize the amount of “livable” space throughout, so in other words, having a surface area that you can actually inhabit with comfort and ease.  A linear floor plan, vaulted ceiling and huge glazed openings create the spacious living quarters that give premium comfort and inhabitability. It’s clear that every line, nook and cranny have been carefully planned and considered in order to blend aesthetic appeal with living practicality.

The Mono stands out from the crowd with its versatility. It can easily adapt to whatever needs you have. Need a loft? No problem, easily attached. Want to add a bed, a chair, or desk? Again, not an issue to for this one of a kind design. With this “plug and play” attitude, there’s also so much scope for customization, such as interchangeable wall and floor textures, multiple window configurations, skylights and custom furniture arrangement.


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