MessyWeekend INUIT Photochromic & High Contrast Snow Goggles

The INUIT photochromic and high contrast snow goggles will bring out the best in you with its high-quality lenses and unbeatable features. It has two lens options, the XEp and the XE2.

Both lenses give increased visibility and extra comfort, so you are sure to enjoy your outdoor adventure despite any weather.

The XEp photochromic technology is the first of its kind in the market, and this brilliant innovation protects your eyes from the blinding sun as it blocks and darkens sun rays more efficiently and effectively than any other lenses. On the other hand, the XE2 is a high contrast lens, offering improved definition and clarity. With a spectacular wide-angled viewing range, you will definitely enjoy the scenery even more as you glide through your ultimate snow adventure.


Along with impeccable lenses, these goggles also have sturdy frames made from high-quality materials. The frames are comfortable and allow your skin to breathe while sitting firmly on your face. Only the best frames suit the best lenses.