Men’s Ridgeline Half-Zip LS Shirt

During a trekking trip, you can face a wide variety of unexpected situations. For example, unpredictable weather conditions, bug bites or having to swim over short bodies of water. Because of this, wearing the proper attire is essential, as it will make your journey a lot more pleasurable and easy to complete.

The Shower Pass Ridgeline Half-Zip long sleeve shirt is an excellent option for trekking enthusiasts. It is manufactured out of a Merino Wool and Polyester blend with side pannels that provide anti-microbal and anti-bacteria properties. This means that any unwanted odor-producing bacteria is fought against so that by the end of the day you can be sure to feel fresh and clean.

For high temperatures and harmful sunrays, this shirt offers 40+ UV protection. You can be confident that this shirt will keep you comfortable during any kind of weather. Its moisture absorbing and quick drying components will make you feel dry and refreshed for hours on end. Regardless of sweating, this shirt is designed to keep your body at a comfortable temperature.

Its material is extremely durable, and will last many cycles in the washing machine. The blend of merino wool and polyester makes this shirt lightweight; a convenient characteristic for packing and travelling, as well as for movement performance.


Men's Ridgeline Half-Zip LS Shirt

Men's Ridgeline Half-Zip LS ShirtMen's Ridgeline Half-Zip LS Shirt