Mendi: Real Brain Training

Traditionally, training takes place in the gym or on the field, and preparing for peak performance requires the appropriate space, equipment, and money. Mendi is the first clinical-grade brain training product designed to go with you and train anywhere you are. Most users only need two or three ten-minute sessions per week to see optimal results, an investment worth your time.

Why Do You Need Mendi?

Brain training has become the go-to for top-level executives to ensure that they are at peak performance. Athletes have also begun to utilize the benefits of brain training for their sport – eSport and traditional athletes alike. No matter your profession or interests, fine-tuning your brain for peak performance is essential.

Typically, these types of sessions take place in a clinical setting and can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. Mendi brings that training into your hands for a fraction of the price.

Mendi: Real Brain TrainingHow It Works

Training your brain with Mendi is simple: find a place to sit, place it on your head in the appropriate location, and connect it to the app on your smartphone. Mendi works by measuring your brain activity through a unique set of measurements, including blood flow and oxygenation in the prefrontal cortex, which is your brain’s control center and works directly in the storage of information. Your smartphone visualizes your brain activity in a game environment that you control with your brain activity.

The magic of Mendi happens as you begin to focus your eyes onto your smartphone, actively engaging with what is playing out on your screen. As you focus and track what appears before you, oxygen and nutrients begin to flow to your prefrontal cortex, and you receive rewards by increasing your score in the game. By training your body to drive resources into your brain’s control center, you are building a more robust and effective brain through repetition and direct feedback.

Mendi: Real Brain TrainingLogistics

“Mendi has become one of my most useful tools in the clinic, but most importantly, they can bring it home and practice. And what we see consistently is that they are performing better, having healthier bodies and minds,” said Dr. Martin Fransson, Ph. D.

Funded by the EU through a grant, developed in partnership with the University of Stockholm, and tested in clinics throughout Sweden, Mendi is a state-of-the-art neurofeedback specimen.

In 2019 the product was released to a small group for beta testing, and the results of Mendi began to show significant signs of positive potential benefits. Since then, Mendi has opened “BRAINCAMP,” a free-to-the-public brain training center in Sweden.

Now, for the first time, Mendi is available to the public through Kickstarter for $299 – that’s 40% off of what you can expect to pay once it’s officially on the market. These early-bird units won’t ship until February 2021, but they’re going – and we can’t emphasize this enough – lightning fast.

Getting in early on this deal is one smart move that will make you even smarter.

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Mendi: Real Brain Training Mendi: Real Brain Training