Materia City Bike Grace

When you spend more time commuting and running errands on your bike than you do at home, you want a bike that is going to be unique to you, something you look forward to riding. With the Materia City Bike Grace, that is what you are getting.

The Materia City Grace is a bike that has been crafted by hand out of striking walnut wood in order to give you a bike that is as unique as it is elegant. No two bikes are the same in terms of their wood grain signature, providing you a city bike that is special and yours alone. It’s a standard bike that features a classic frame with two large wheels that are able to carry you the distance. The bicyclee features a comfortably high seat with the ability to raise or lower it to keep you comfortable no matter how long the ride is. This bike measures 72-2/5 inches in width by 25-9/10 inches in depth by 42-1/10 inches in height for a standard-sized bike that is comfortable to ride for your height. The handles are made out of the same walnut wood as the rest of the bike for a beautifully streamlined look. The brakes are attached to the handles, making it simple for you to stop at a moment’s notice without putting any sort of pressure on the pedals. The parts of the bike that aren’t wood are cast in black.


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