Maralah Cliff House

Named after a word in the native language of the indigenous local to the sight of its potential construction, Maralah is a house with a name that means “person who was born during an earthquake.” It is a fitting name that speaks to the angular design and the way it juts out of the earth, much like the earth might naturally do during an earthquake. The Maralah is a cabin intended to help its inhabitants get away from the city for a while, positioned overtop of the strikingly turquoise Bow river.

A small getaway home, the Maralah has 45 square meters of living space with another 20 square meters taking up the rooms for the water facilities. This conceptual home is made to be constructed from matte black steel, glass and raw concrete. The bedroom of this cabin can be found six steps beneath the reading area and the kitchen which sits beside the uncovered portions of local limestone. This cabin is square in shape and has been rotated 45 degrees in order to provide it with its angular shape that, indeed, makes it appear as if it were conceived during some great earthquake. Sitting atop the cliff, it seems to fit right in as a portion of the earth, even with its ultra-modern and industrial building materials. The roof of the Maralah is sloped and partially stuck into the ground, helping it blend in more with its surrounding environment, making it the perfect isolation cabin for those who need to take a breath.

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Maralah Cliff HouseMaralah Cliff House Maralah Cliff House Maralah Cliff HouseMaralah Cliff House Maralah Cliff House