Lumen and Ispra AirPods Cases from Otterbox

OtterBox is a well-known brand that you might equate to the tough phone cases that take a beating and still look good. To continue their legacy for keeping costly devices safe and in good condition, they released a line of Airpod cases that are certainly worth a look. The all-new Ispra Series and Lumen Series from Otterbox protects Apple’s wireless earbuds in the same fashion as the legendary OtterBox dry case.

These cases are not replacements for Apple’s AirPods/Airpods Pro cases. Instead, they have been precision-designed to slide over the original case. The snug fit and stylish aesthetics of the Lumen and Ispra Airpods Cases add to both the level of protection and aesthetics.

The hardcover will shield your earbuds from the impact and scratches from all directions and angles.

OtterBox offers the Ispra Series in an assortment of both muted and bold colors for broad appeal:  Spacesuit Blue, Moon Crystal Grey, Black Hole, and Infinity Pink.

The Lumen Series can only accommodate the AirPods Pro and Otterbox offers this with a clear case and black bumper.

Feisty yet functional, both the Lumen and Ispra series feature a grippy bottom for better handling and a flip-top than can be opened single-handedly. They also come with a carabiner loop to attach your valuable earbuds almost anywhere. A small pinhole allows the AirPod status light to shine through.

Both the Inspra and Lumen Series cases do not interfere with wireless charging.

OtterBox is currently offering the Ispra Series for AirPods and AirPods Pro at $29.95, and the Lumen Series for Air Pods Pro at $34.95. In comparison to other AirPods cases, the pricing is competitive and far from high-end pricing.

Overall, the Lumen and Ispra AirPods Cases from OtterBox check all the boxes:  a quality product that adds both protection and flavor to your valuable daily companion.


Lumen and Ispra AirPods Cases from Otterbox Lumen and Ispra AirPods Cases from Otterbox Lumen and Ispra AirPods Cases from Otterbox Lumen and Ispra AirPods Cases from Otterbox