Land Rover Defender Bigfoot

The Land Rover Defender has become an icon in culture and history. It is loved and cherished, never failing to appeal to a wide variety of people with different lifestyles, preferences or tastes.

Aware of the global appreciation felt towards this car, The Chealsea Truck Company has taken the Land Rover Defender and transformed it. This unique edition is limited to a certain amount of units, so you must be quick if you want one for yourself.

The Volcanic Rock Satin Bigfoot could not have been a better name for this redesigned Defender. This car blends two contrasting worlds -danger and elegance – into one.

The biggest change is obviously the enormous Tubler Steel Wheels in Satin Black that pair with the 5×37 inch Maxxis Trepador Extreme Off Road Tyres. As a result, you’re left with a Defender that can ride like no other. The front bumper has been replaced with sump guards that protect the set of Diamond Bright LED highlights.

The front facing seats have been covered with Russian Blue leather, with a trimmed center console and roof lining to match. The surface of the stirring wheel is decked out in black leather, while the front and rear cabin mats have been designed in machined aluminium.

The Bigfoot edition of the Land Rover Defender will make you feel like 007.


Land Rover Defender BigfootLand Rover Defender Bigfoot