Kora Shola 230 Zip

The Kora Shola 230 Zip made with 100% Himalayan Yak Wool is a rightfully award winning for many reasons. The Kora Shola 230 is an essential clothing piece for athletes or outdoor sports enthusiasts for a number of different reasons.

Yaks in the Himalayas have developed the ultimate coat of wool to protect them from the extreme climate that lives there. Therefore, Shola 230 users can be sure that they will stay isolated to cold temperatures while taking on new adventures in the outdoors. This said, the fabric also lets sweat escape, avoiding the chance of overheating.

Yak wool has natural odour neutralizing properties; this allows you to pack a lot less while on your travels, letting you feel fresh and light.

The ergonomic design makes the garment stay close to the body, so that you can move freely. Whether you stretch, twis, bend or reach out, the Shola 230 will keep you covered and warm. The armhole has extra articlation included so that the garment does not get pulled or lifted.

Flat locked seams are able to reduce chafing, and are located away from the shoulder so that they do not cause uncomfort when wearing backpacks.

For extra warmth, the zipped up tall collar protects your neck, and for cooler temperatures, it can unzip until just below the chest.


Kora Shola 230 Zip