Jack in Indigo Star shirt

The Jack in Indigo Star shirt is a limited edition small batch manufactured run that uses materials that are only available during the run, making it exceedingly rare. This shirt features a blue backdrop upon which small white stars have been printed. It can be worn in a casual manner as easily as it can be worn in a semi-formal ensemble. It offers a fold-over collar and a button-up design for a classic look with its long sleeves only furthering that traditional appeal. The fabric of the Jack in Indigo Star shirt is ultra soft to the touch and will not irritate the skin with prolonged wear–all of the properties that Japanese mills are known for. Uniquely made in California, the shirt is timeless and distinct, making it a go-to that you will be thrilled to put on each and every time for incomparable comfort.

This Jack in Indigo Star shirt features a tailored fit that offers a flattering silhouette and a high, comfortable armhole that won’t restrict your range of motion. It keeps itself tucked away in an attractive manner that will always flatter your form. Its high collar offers a handsome appeal with its French seams and its single-needle stitching. Double stitched buttons ensure not only an attractive finishing touch on the shirt but durable buttons that are less likely to pop off as well, each one made from genuine horn. There are no pleats making it simple to iron and it is pre shrunk for a proper fit.


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