Irobot Roomba I7+ Vacuum

In this day and age, convenience is not just a luxury, it is often a necessity, especially for those with busy lifestyles. The Irobot Roomba I7+ Vacuum is thoroughly suited for such a lifestyle, and packed with features that will make it the perfect addition to any busy home.

With 10X the suction of other Roomba Systems, the I7+ features three stages of cleaning using multi-surface brushes to make quick work of a variety of different floor coverings. It automatically empties into an enclosed bag that holds up to 30 full robot disposals before ever needing your personal attention.

To make the I7+ even more alluring, it also makes use of Imprint Smart Mapping technology, which allows the machine to map and learn its home environment for an even cleaner home. With the Irobot HOME App, owners can control many of its features, creating a clean that is completely customizable.


Irobot Roomba I7+ Vacuum Irobot Roomba I7+ Vacuum Irobot Roomba I7+ Vacuum Irobot Roomba I7+ Vacuum