Icemule Cooler: The boss

Stay cool and hydrated wherever you go by always bringing plenty of ice with you no matter where the outdoors takes you. Totally portable, the Icemule Boss cooler is a cooler that can help you carry it around thanks to its handy straps. With this cooler bag, you can enjoy ice cold drinks for days on end, perfect for taking with you on long hiking trips or on your week long camping excursion. It has been engineered in the same way that technical backpacks are and can keep up with your hiking trips as it moves the way that your body naturally does. This ice cooler is simple to load and distributes the weight easily in order to ensure that carrying it with you on your person is simple. It is 100 percent waterproof to ensure that no amount of rain will damage it, nor will the ice inside permeate the tough material. It can float in the water when you go fishing or swimming. There is extra cargo room for packing up any necessary drink accessories that you can fit into its three insulated external pockets. The MOLLE and clip points allow you to secure the bag to any vehicle, boat or person. The Icemule Boss cooler can keep ice cold for days on end thanks to its three-centimeter closed-cell PolarLayer XT Insulation foam that allows this to happen. You can put air into the foam in order to make the ice last for even longer.