Hyde Silver House

A winner of the Best Building of 2017 award by the Royal Society of Architects Wales, the Hyde Silver House is a luxurious, modern home that affords residents with everything they love about contemporary design without sacrificing the comfort and coziness of a more traditional home. The Hyde Silver House sits over a beautiful view of Oxwich Point, helping to ring in the beauty of the home from the outside in. On the first floor, there are dry stone walls that offer a more medieval, traditional feel. There are portal windows on the bottom floor bedrooms over the Hyde Silver House as well, which sit over a reflecting pool. This pool collects water from the rain that falls from the roofs above it for a naturally peaceful bit of decor.

On the next floor are the living spaces that offer exposed wooden beams, which offer a more traditional feel to the otherwise contemporary home, helping to blend the two design styles effortlessly. The living room and kitchen join together in an open concept format that makes the home feel more spacious and roomy. The basement of the Hyde Silver House is equipped with a recording studio that brings in natural light even with its positioning thanks to the reflecting pool that is found surrounding the house. The roof is easily able to withstand the rain and wind that blows over from the ocean that sits just beside the Hyde Silver House.

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