Hunter Pro M Alox Knife

Whether you need a knife for simple everyday carry, or a truly versatile tool for specific uses, the Hunter Pro M Alox is going to be your new go-to pocket knife. At the same time, it possesses an air of sophistication not often found in a simple utility knife.

Attach this knife to any piece of clothing, thanks to a clip slot that is curved and provides seamless transitioning. If wearing your knives isn’t something you prefer, it also comes with a belt pouch for easy storage as well. With a folded length of just over five inches, it’s sure to sit well no matter where you store it.

One-handed opening capabilities are a pleasure with the Hunter Pro M Alox, and better still that it locks into place once opened. This will alleviate any chance of the flipper knife accidentally closing on your fingers while working with it.

An ergonomic handle design means that you will be able to handle this piece comfortably, but with a nice, stable grip that is absolutely deserving of a tool of this caliber.


Hunter-Pro-M-Alox-Knife-blade Hunter-Pro-M-Alox-Knife-blade-handle