Huckberry: Nomad Tent

The Nomad Tent is intended for those who need a space to sleep while out on the road without taking up a lot of space and dragging around a lot of bulk with a standard tent or camper. This tent is lightweight and easy to tote around thanks to its design which features no poles and a single wall, making it something that you can attach to anything such as a tree, fence or motorcycle. It is in fact designed specifically to adhere to the height of your motorcycle with its tent crown being raised by the higher points on the bike.

Its lightweight and waterproof nylon upper helps to keep you cool and dry as you sleep amongst the elements, and it has an even more durable waterproof base to ensure that no moisture in the ground makes it too uncomfortable to sleep. Polyester 50D rip stop technology ensures that no wind will tear the material, offering you a place to sleep on the road for years to come. Mesh on either side of the tent lets air flow into it in order to make your space cooler and more breathable. The stakes are made out of anodized brass which furthers its durability, as brass is resistant to rust, corrosion or any sort of abrasion. An aluminum kickstand plate comes included to keep the bike stable, even on unstable or uneven ground. Infamous genuine, durable YKK zippers secure you inside of the tent.


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