Hawthorne Personalized Cologne

Finding the best scent for yourself can be quite challenging as pharmacies or department stores are home to hundreds of different bottles. The process of finding a cologne in these places takes a long time, and often we are persuaded into buying something we’re not too sure about for the sake of getting out of there.

However, the services that professionals at Hawthorne offer are able to facilitate this process as well as providing you with a top quality product. By completing a quick online survey, information about your overall lifestyle including your job, diet and drink patterns will be gathered and analyzed to then match a cologne that will enhance your lifestyle and body chemistry as closely as possible.

Hawthorne will not only provide one cologne but two; one for Work and another one for Play. The technology and methods used to match you with these high quality products have been claimed to be 95% accurate. Because of this, shipping, exchanges and returns are all free of charge. In fact, Hawthorne guarantees your satisfaction and happiness with this product.

You can be sure that the scent you are sent is exceptional. The perfumers at Hawthorne are legendary, and many of them have earned their place in the Fragrance Hall of Fame.


Hawthorne Personalized CologneHawthorne Personalized CologneHawthorne Personalized Cologne