Hawk’s Nest is a studio and home tucked away in a beautiful mountain setting. It was created for a Parisian sculptor who felt a pull to the site, which began as simply a limestone quarry out in the middle of nowhere, boasting a view of the Potomac River. The goal of this home is to create something beautiful that at once contrasted against the beauty of the natural environment around it, and the result is a modern, squared-off home that stands out in a beautiful way amongst the nature around it.

The Hawk’s Nest is a glass and wood structure that is made primarily out of durable steel. The grid of the steel columns is used to break up the space and give a framed view out into the nature around it. There are beautiful pieces of ipe wood that naturally age as time goes by which offers privacy in the home and allows for a nice contrast of material as well. There are balconies that extend out of the interior area and bridges that allow travel to and from the different parts of the home. The Hawk’s Nest is designed to put you up close and personal with nature and provides large, expansive windows for you to gaze out of that will blur the lines of indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for those that want to create in their homes and have a place to hang up their art at the same time.

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kitchen, living room view

 width= kitchen and living room night time dusk cliff house viewImages by ©Anice Hoachlander/ Hoachlander Davis Photography