Hamilton BeLOWZERO Auto Watch – Channel Your Inner Hero

This year, the film “TENET” rocked box offices and screens worldwide. The director Christopher Nolan served up a stunning, cerebral action film that confused some, but the high-level plot engaged millions of viewers worldwide. We promise not to serve up any spoilers, but this article will include film references! With a movie so exceptional that it boasts an incredible following, merchandise and “TENET”-inspired items soon followed. Low and behold, the “TENET” watch is here. Esteemed watchmaker Hamilton is serving up this stunning limited-edition watch. And why not? After all, Hamilton originally created the film’s prop watch. Get ready to channel your inner hero with Hamilton’s BeLOWZERO Auto Watch.

hamilton belowzero auto watch, the "TENET" watch

The Build

The BeLOWZERO Auto Limited-Edition timepiece, inspired by the movie “TENET,” is a striking minimalist watch full of features, action, and quality materials. This lightweight titanium watch boasts a sleek black 46-millimeter case with a single highlight of red on the second hand’s tip — an ode to the film. This watch’s size is best on medium or large wrists, but the stealthy black helps it blend handsomely with nearly any outfit.

With the BeLOWZERO Auto Watch, Hamilton pays homage to the film in more ways than just appearance. Nathan Crowley, the film’s production designer, also crafted the watch’s packaging so that every element arches back to its cinematic inspiration.

More than just sleek and stylish, the BeLOWZERO Auto boasts impressive water resistance up to 1,000 meters (3,280 ft), making it durable for all your adventures on land or in the sea. As its name suggests, the BeLOWZERO Auto utilizes an automatic movement, meaning that the wrist’s regular motion serves to power and wind the timepiece. The face features sapphire for a crystal-clear view.

The most significant difference between this watch and the prop watch created by Hamilton for “TENET” is the absence of a digital display. So as long as you’re alright without that minor detail, the BeLOWZERO Auto is a near-replica of the watch from the film.

The build of this mechanical timepiece is truly an exciting combination of style, homage, and function.

hamilton khaki navy belowzero auto watch, tenet watch

I Want One

If you’re ready to show off your love for “TENET” or all-black items, you can purchase this watch through the Hamilton website. They are crafting 888 of these sleek timepieces only, so yours will rarely be seen elsewhere.

But, watches at this level of style and function come at a cost — rocking this piece will set you back $2,095. Is it worth it for the sleek look, quality build, rarity, and cinema-inspired feel of the BeLOWZERO Auto? That’s for you to decide.


hamilton khaki navy belowzero auto limited-edition watch