Casio G-SHOCK GMAS140M-1A: Bold Gold, Japanese Watch

Japanese electronics company Casio makes some of the world’s most popular sports watches in the G-SHOCK series. Known for durability under any conditions and long battery life, the broad line of Japanese watches includes a design to suit any athlete — from pros to weekend warriors. G-SHOCK watches are substantial and bulky, but the GMAS140 series features trimmed-down variants, originally designed with women in mind.

I studied the Casio G-SHOCK GMAS140M-1A to determine what this capable, aesthetically striking Japanese watch is all about.

Differentiation: What Makes the GMAS140M-1A Unique

The first thing you notice about the G-SHOCK GMAS140M-1A is its striking gold and black color palette. It’s a distinctive style choice for a sports watch. Instead of expressing straightforward utility, it evokes eye-catching flair. Opinions are bound to diverge, but I think it’s cool: it’s an alternative to assimilating with the ordinary, and the bright/dark contrast should be functional for quick reading.

Casio offers the GMAS140M-1A as a smaller counterpart to its progenitor, the popular GA140. The GMAS140 series’ case is about six millimeters smaller in diameter and one millimeter less thick. It weighs a category-average 56 grams.

g-shock gmas140m-1a

Specifications: A Capable, Rugged Watch

Functionally speaking, the G-SHOCK GMAS140M-1A is rugged and capable. It has a stout resin band and a resin case that houses a mineral glass lens. Mineral glass is tougher than plastic glass, and you can usually polish scratches out of it. The watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant at 200 meters. It has an LED backlight and a Mach speed indicator! (Yes, this watch calculates speed if the distance is known, and, well, if you reach more than 1225 units/hour, you are “Maching” it.)

Oh yeah, it’s also a watch. The GMAS140M-1A displays time in both digital (12- or 24-hour) and analog formats. It’s programmed with 29 time zones, a setting for daylight savings, and a selectable home city. It has a stopwatch, a 24-hour countdown timer, and the capability to store up to five alarms.

Battery life is two years with an Energizer CR1220.

Why Buy (And How)?

Japanese watchmaker Casio packs a lot of functionality into the relatively compact GMAS140 series. The M-1A variant stands out from the active watch pack with its aggressive black and gold styling. Its features express utility and proven G-SHOCK performance. Pick it up for MSRP $110.