All the results of a personal trainer with the convenience of a home workout.

Even before a global pandemic forced most of us to hunker down, home workouts were becoming increasingly popular. The Fuseproject company recognized this, but raised the much-needed question — where are the community, the motivation, and instructional aspects of in-home fitness? To combine the best of at-home exercise with professional training, one-on-one work, and the stimulation of gym classes, the FORME Life personal fitness mirror appeared. And it’s a good thing it did.

FORME Life comes in a six-foot-tall, full-length mirror front. Resistance devices, adjustable arms, and weighted accessories tuck behind the mirror for a smooth façade when not in use. With so many customizable pieces, FORME Life preps you for every workout imaginable: interval training, kickboxing, barre, yoga, guided meditation, strength workouts, endurance workouts, high-intensity interval training, weight-loss programs, and more in one ultra-powerful resistance training machine.

Thanks to its versatility, FORME Life is more impactful than traditional resistance training machines that are functionally limited and can be intimidating to use with overt weight options. Careful forethought is in the design of each accessory — both sides feature expanding pulleys, pull-up bars, ankle straps, and adjustable arms. The arms are adjustable to pull, push, and lift from a variety of angles to work even those hard-to-train muscles.

Fuse Project Forme Life

FORME Life looks like a typical mirror when it’s turned off, and features a sleek matte silver design that blends in with any home décor. While users may choose to mount it on the wall, FORME comes with a built-in stand, as well. When you’ve finished with the adjustable arms and accessories, tuck them behind the mirror for tidiness. No one would ever know your home workout machine is sitting in the corner of the living room.

To combat the social effect home workouts can lack, FORME built its social community. Users’ progress is tracked in an app and is shareable with the rest of the FORME family. Challenge each other to competitions, compare improvements, or congratulate your neighbor for a job well done. We won’t blame you if you’d like to humblebrag a little, too. With the trackable app, FORME can document users’ progress and adjust workouts accordingly. The stronger you get, the more FORME will challenge you and build upon your progress.

If you’re not finding motivation on your own, no problem. FORME offers live classes with professional trainers. If you’re not ready for live sessions, you can choose from your favorite personal trainers in a variety of workout sessions.  Users have total control over their routines, reps, and workout lengths. Talk about customization.

Fuse Project Forme Life

So what’s the catch? Nothing but the price tag. The Screen-Only Studio model includes a non-slip mat, heart rate monitor, and a library of workouts for $2,245. The Full Studio model consists of a more extensive library of routines and exercises, two different sets of handles, a short bar, ankle straps, storage cabinet, and heart rate monitor for $4,295.

FORME does offer monthly payments for 39 months, plus a $39 monthly membership fee, which comes out to less than most gym memberships.

FORME Life personal training systems will be available in Fall 2020, and we think it’s an investment very worthy of your consideration.

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Fuse Project Forme Life Fuse Project Forme Life

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